Benefits to Employees

Easily pay for company purchases with a Viola Corporate prepaid virtual & physical card.

Make Expenses Easy and Hassle Free

Individual prepaid company cards
Receive your own prepaid card and you won’t have to cover expenses and company purchases out of your own bank account again. 

Manage receipts
Capture receipts at the point of sale by taking a photo and uploading a copy to your simple, smart app. Then forget about them; they will be stored electronically.

Track spending
See exactly what you are spending money on by categorising your receipts into groups such as fuel, hotels, equipment, travel, software and general.

More Control

Request extra funds
If your card balance is running low, simply request funds from your administrator using the dedicated ‘Top-up’ function.

Lock / unlock your card
Lost or misplaced you card? Lock your card in less than a second. Just use your app to disable your card in one click and if you happen to relocate it, then it is just as easy to unlock your card.

Focus on the things that matter
With a Viola Corporate prepaid card, you won’t have to wait until the end of the month for reimbursement.